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Is Your Home Insured to Replacement Costs?

If you lost your home in a fire, how much would it cost to rebuild it? The answer may be different than you think. And if your home isn’t insured to its full replacement cost, your homeowners policy may not cover the full cost for you to rebuild it in the event of a covered loss….

Top Reasons to Check Your Insurance

Insurance.  Love it or hate it, when life happens … you are glad you, your family, your home and your belongings covered.  Sometimes it can be an afterthought, so here are a few times that you need to check and/or update your insurance. Your family status changes: If you’re marrying, expecting a baby, or adopting…

Inventory Checklist: What’s in your home?

No one really wants to think about the horror of losing your home and all of it’s contents to a fire.  But it happens.  If you had to remember every possession in your home with their values following a serious loss (like a fire), could you? Taking some time to complete a checklist, room by…

Personal Articles Policy-What is covered?

Everyone has possessions of value in their home, some of a high monetary worth and some which simply hold a great deal of importance to the owner. With a typical home insurance policy the major items in a home, including appliances, furniture and clothing, are covered in the event of a theft or loss. There’s also…