farm insurance

We know that farming is more than a business…it’s a way of life.

Don’t trust just anyone to protect your farm. At Sentinel Assurance Group, we can design a package according to your property, liability and casualty needs.

INCLUDED COVERAGES In addition to covering your dwelling(s), farm outbuildings and equipment, our Farm policy also includes coverage for

  • Land leased or rented for farming
  • Accidents caused by livestock
  • Farm products recall (including milk contamination)
  • Glass breakage on farm implements – deductible waiver
  • Farm implement road trouble service
  • Newly acquired farm personal property for a limited time
  • Borrowed farm equipment
  • Transportation coverage for farm personal property

OPTIONAL COVERAGES At your option, we also offer coverage for

  • Incidental custom farming
  • Limited pollution, which includes manure as a pollutant, and includes upset and overspray
  • Incidental boarding, breeding, or training of horses
  • Farming income lost due to damage to your covered property
  • Peak season fluctuations of your commodities
  • Your livestock against winter perils
  • Replacement cost on farm buildings
  • Your high valued livestock
  • Farm employer’s liability and farm employee’s medical payment • Fire, vandalism and vehicle damage to crops
  • Incidental hunting on premises

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