Workers Compensation

We know that having employees comes with a lot of responsibility.  Most states require all employers to carry Workers Compensation insurance to cover their employees.  We are here to help you navigate your Workers Compensation insurance needs for your business, big or small.

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How much does is cost?

Insurance companies use different factors when determining the rates for Workers Comp insurance.  These can include:

  • Industry
  • Payroll amount
  • Type of work performed
  • Claims history

Nanny Workers Comp Insurance


In addition to it being required by law in most states, it also provides medical and wage benefits in the event your nanny is injured or becomes ill on the job.  It can cover medical bills and a portion of their lost ages.

It also protects you, the employer, from liability.


We are proud to partner with the families from Above & Beyond Nanny Service to provide Workers Compensation for their nannies.

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