Umbrella Insurance

While we hope you never need it, umbrella insurance is there to protect you in the event you need to payout a sum greater than what your other policies cover.

At Sentinel Assurance Group, we work with you to assess your needs and determine if an Umbrella policy would be a necessary part of your insurance package.

MN Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance Coverages

  • Umbrella Insurance is a personal liability policiy that covers claims in excess of your homeowners, auto or watercraft/boat policy limits.
  • It covers not only the policyholder, but also members of your family and household.
  • It covers injury to others and damate to their possessions
  • When bundled with home & auto, can provide an additional discount.
  • Your middle schooler gets into a fight at school and another student’s arm is broken as a result.  The parents sue.
  • You and your spouse are on vacation and your teenager throws a party at your house while you’re gone.  Someone brings alcohol to the party and on the way home, one of the party guests is arrested for drunk driving.  You are sued.
  • Your dog’s invisible fence collar loses it’s charge and your dog charges at and attacks a neighbor who was walking by your home.  They sue you for medical expenses, lost wages and pain & suffering.
  • You host a birthday party at your home for your child’s friends and make homemade sandwiches.  Several of the kids develop food poisoning and the parents sue you.

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