Life Insurance

Life Insurance is an affordable way to leave financial support for those who depend on you in the event that you can no longer be there for them.  

Life Insurance can seem complicated, but we are here to help you navigate through the different types of life insurance that will help your family establish the security they deserve.

Rosemount Life Insurance

Types of Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance is the most common type of life insurance.  It is purchased for a set period of time (usually 10-25 years) and expires at the end of the term.  It is very popular because it’s straightforward and very affordable.  We can help you determine if Term Life is a good fit for you.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole Life Insurance is a permanent type of insurance where the policy does not expire.  A benefit to this type of insurance is that it has a cash value that grows over time and many people use this as an investment or savings option as you can borrow from it if needed.

The downside to Whole Life is that it is more expensive than term life.  Whole Life can be beneficial if you have a more complicated financial situation.  We can help you determine if whole life is a good option for you.

Life Insurance in Rosemount MN

Other Types of Life Insurance

Other types of permanent life insurance are:

  • Final Expense Life Insurance
  • Universale Life Insurance
  • Variable Life Insurance

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