Here in Rosemount, we have experienced some recent severe storms that have seen various sizes of hail fall. We’ve been getting lots of questions from our customers as to what to do if they want to see if they have any storm damage. It’s always best to consult directly with your insurance agent or give us a call at our office if you have specific questions, but here are a few tips and resources to help you in this scenario.

roof hail damage

Door Knockers

Often times after a storm, you’ll hear that dreaded doorbell within a few hours of the hail falling, and you can almost be certain it is an out-of-state roofing contractor wanting to take a look at your roof and file an insurance claim for you. Before you let them do that, ask if they are local or from out of state and ask to see their licensing information.

There’s no harm in allowing them to do an inspection, but do not let them file an insurance claim on your behalf. Always contact your insurance agent first so they can advise you on the best course of action in determining whether you should file a claim or not. A lot of these companies will “guarantee” a new roof and we often see insurance fraud with this type of business practice.

Keep It Local

It’s always best to use a local, reputable roofing contractor if you suspect you might have hail damage. We have compiled a list of locally owned roofing contractors to give you a place to start in finding one to work with.

Free Local Roofing Contractor List

We hope this helps you navigate the hail damage process a bit, but as always reach out to us or your insurance agent with any questions or concerns!